Serbia Creates is a new national platform that shares the very best of Serbian creativity, innovation and imagination, and celebrates the many ways that Serbian talent and inventiveness is changing the world. Within the platform, the Serbia Creates’ Ambassadors programme recognises those Serbian individuals or businesses, events or technology making waves at the very top of their respective fields internationally. Sofija Stefanović is changing the world by helping us to understand how the early human race survived and flourished, particularly in relation to motherhood, childbirth and child raising in Neolithic times. She is the Principal investigator of the European Research Council ”BIRTH” project at the BioSense Institute and is a professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. She researches the prehistoric bioarchaeology of the Balkans, including paleodemography, the role of micronutrition, skeletal paleoobstetrics, neonatal growth and development, and the biology of fertility, from the years 10000 – 5000 BCE.

You can see the promotional video for the ERC BIRTH project here.