Birth in media


BIRTH project is the first ERC project in Serbia, and therefore it has attracted huge public attention. All relevant news outlets in Serbia have reported the news about the BIRTH project and conducted interviews with PI. This resulted in 23 articles in daily news journals, 6 interviews in monthly journals, 5 radio interviews and 8 TV appearances, and more than 50 web news.
Since the announcement of the grant, BIRTH project has been attracting significant attention both among the academic community and the general public, due to its very important topic and the fact that it is the first ERC grant in Serbia.
BIRTH project became one of the most important news in Serbian science, and the information about the project and the receival of the ERC grant has been published on the website of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, Government of the Republic of Serbia, University of Belgrade, and Centre for Promotion of Science, and from there republished on multiple web portals.


BIRTH in print

Press clipping available here

14.3.2017.ERC WorkshopDnevnikPDF
19.01.2016.I am not scared of responsibilityGloria, SerbiaPDF
01.09.2015.Maternity hospital of civilizationElements, SerbiaPDF
21.02.2015.Prehistoric mothers are my inspirationBlic woman (Blic žena), SerbiaPDF
18.01.2015.EU funds are more accessiblePolitics (Politika), SerbiaPDF
10.01.2015.Millions for BIRTHEvening news (Večernje novosti), SerbiaPDF
31.12.2014.Mothers and babies during prehistoryToday (Danas), SerbiaPDF
31.12.2014.The best among usBlic, SerbiaPDF
21.12.2014.1.7 million Euros for studying prehistoric fertilityTanjug, Serbia
21.12.2014.News on BIRTH projectEducational review (Prosvetni pregled), Serbia
21.12.2014.Sofija is discovering ancient secretBlic, SerbiaPDF
18.12.2014.Birth, mothers and babies in NeolithicTime (Vreme)PDF
14.12.2014.How we survived, thanks to Neolithic mothersDiary (Dnevnik), SerbiaPDF
10.12.2014.Great success of Serbian scientistPolitics (Politika), SerbiaPDF
01.09.2015.The secret is in the strong idea and faith in success

Infinity, Republika SrpskaPDF
02.08.2015. Baby boom in the NeolithicPolitika, SerbiaPDF
21.06.2014.Were the first inhabitants of Serbia NeanderthalsPolitika, SerbiaPDF


BIRTH on radio


8.3.2017.“Vizija”Radio 202
1.11. 2015."Treasury" (Riznica)Radio Belgrade 2
19.12.2014."In the Centre of Attention"Radio Belgrade 1
17.12. 2014."Solaris"Radio Belgrade 2




13.3.2017.Project BIRTH’s New Age ExhibitionNovosadska televizija
6.3.2017.Project BIRTH’s New Age ExhibitionKanal 9
14.01.2016.Presentation of the BIRTH projectSerbian Scientific TV (Srpska Naučna TV)
31.01.2015.Presentation of the BIRTH projectTV StudioB
12.12.2014.Live news broadcastTV N1
11.12.2014.Morning programmeRTS
11.12.2014.Daily newsTV B92
06.02.2015.Belgrade for begginersTV Studio B​