On Friday, December 13th, at 9:00 AM, in the Grand Hall of SASA scientific gathering “Social sciences and humanities in Serbia”, organized by SASA and Institute for Social Sciences will be opened.

The aim of this gathering is to evaluate the status of social sciences and humanities in the modern society, especially in Serbia, where the scientific community faces the long awaited fundamental changes of the scientific system. This process will take some time and it is important to, analyze the place, role and progress of the social sciences and humanities. Aside from this subject, the conference aims to offer a chance for the deliberations on the roles of social sciences – to constantly reevaluate, explain and critically ponder the different occurrences and dynamic changes of the modern society, marked by a high state of technology development, but also the compromising of social values and natural conditions needed for survival. Finally, the speakers will be discuss the local scientific community, reexamining its ideas and the state it is now.

The gathering will be opened by Academy member Vladim Kostić, the president of SASA, and dr. Goran Bašić, director of the Institute for Social Sciences. The opening lecture “Izazovi društevnih i humanističkih nauka” will be given by Academy Member Ljubomir Maksimović, vice president of SASA.

To see the Book of abstracts follow this link.