Institute of Physics Belgrade will be organizing public talks once a month in the Great Hall of the Student Cultural Center (SKC) as a part of the project “Science through Stories“. On Thursday, October 18th the theme of the talk will be “Who are the Masters of Time?” Do physicists today perceive time in a different manner than how they used to in the past? What is time in philosophy? Is time just a psychological illusion, what is its topology, its metrics and how do we look into the past and into the future? What is time in modern science? And lastly, what is time to us?

On Thursday, October 18th you will be able to hear the answers to these questions given by:

• Dr Aleksandar Bogojević, physicist, director of the Institute of Physics Belgrade
• Dr Miloš Arsenijević, philosopher and author of many books on time,  Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade
• Dr Sofija Stefanović, archaeologist and the first ERC grand winner in Serbia, BioSense Institute in Novi Sad
• Dr Oliver Tošković, psychologist, Laboratory for experimental psychology in Belgrade

The moderator of the event will be Slobodan Bubnjević, co-editor of “Science Through Stories”.